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If any extra guidance is needed, it will be go here. But hopefully, everything is should be largely self-explanatory.

  • The Instruments we have are listed on the Hire instruments page; the price multipliers and discounts are on the Rules page.

  • Hirings are between 12 noon to 12 noon. For example, a concert on Saturday night, with a rehearsal on Friday night would usually mean a 2 night booking, collecting after 12:00 noon on Friday and returning before 12:00 noon on Sunday. Another example: if you want to hire instruments between 8am on Sunday and 4pm on the same day, this is effectively a 2 day booking from noon on Saturday to noon on Monday.

  • Clarification on CUMS membership and discounts. (Please see the rules page for a full explanation.)
    1. All hirers must be members of CUMS - this is for insurance reasons.
    2. Cambridge University Societies may obtain a 50% discount, if they book 7 days in advance.
    3. Orchestral members of CUMS may use the instruments for private practice at no cost (under some conditions).

  • Some more information about some of the instruments is given here.

  • It is possible to check availability on a given date by using the View bookings menu, and inputting the date of interest.

  • Dates are given by the system in the unambigous format: 2004-02-03 (means 3rd February 2004). [03/02/2004 is avoided because it could be mistaken for the middle endian formatted 02/03/2004.]

  • This site should work with any web browser. However, we can recommend Firefox (or Mozilla) as being the best. The site has been tested in Links, Lynx, Mozilla, Konqueror, Netscape 4.7 and Internet Explorer.