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Choosing a Timpani

CUMS currently owns four sets of timpani. Sets 1 and 2 are full sets of five timpani whilst sets 3 and 4 have three drums. All our drums are made by Premier and they range from the top-of-the-range Elite series to the affordable Academy tap-tune timpani.

The ranges given can only be approximate as many factors (such as weather, previous use etc.) can affect a drum head and the range it can produce. However, we feel confident that you can expect at least following ranges. It is worth remembering that the notes in the middle of the range tend to sound better than those at the extreme ends.

Set 1

Timpani: Elite - 25 inch pedal C-G Timpani: Elite - 28 inch pedal G-D

Set 1 is our highest quality set and is composed of five Premier Elite drums. The drum heads are top-of-the-range Remo Renaissance heads which combine the sound of calf-skin with the ease of use of plastic. The Elite timpani have an exceedingly large range, often as much as an octave each, and produce an unmatched quality of sound.

Ranges of the Timpani Set 1

Set 2

Timpani: Elite - 30 inch pedal F-CTimpani: Pro Symp - 28 inch pedal G-D

Set 2 is mostly composed of Premier Pro Symphonic drums which are affordable yet high quality instruments. The exception is the 30" drum which we have upgraded to a Premier Elite timpani to give maximum flexibilty and improve the sound of the lowest commonly-used drum. This set will soon be headed with Evans Strata which again are of high quality but are still affordable, allowing CUMS to keep the hire price as low as possible.

Ranges of the Timpani Set 2

Set 3

Timpani: Series 1 - 25 inch pedal C-GTimpani: Pro Symp - 30 inch pedal F-C

Set 3 is our budget pedal-tuned set. The 25" and 28" are Premier Series/Mark 1 drums and the 30" is a higher quality Premier Pro Symphony timpani. Although extremely affordable, these instruments are still maintained to a high quality, making them an excellent choice for the smaller music society or school.

Ranges of the Timpani Set 3

Set 4

Timpani: Fibreglass - 25 inch Tap (not pedal) C-FTimpani: Fibreglass - 28 inch Tap (not pedal) F-D

Set 4 contains "tap-tune" drums, which means they are tuned by a number of hand screws rather than a pedal. The advanatge of this method of tuning is its simplicity: the lack of a complex pedal mechanism allows CUMS to keep the prices low and makes these drums the easiest to transport. All three can be fitted into domestic hatch-backs or even a taxi with ease!

Ranges of the Timpani Set 4