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The existence Cambridge University Musical Society's instrument collection is mostly due Tim Lewers, the Instrument Manager from 1996-2003. Tim did a wonderful job and turned the instrument hire side of CUMS around; it is now both economically viable, and the main Instrument Hire Service in Cambridge and East Anglia. His successor, Richard Neill took over at the start of 2004, and being a programmer, wrote TIMPANI (which stands recursively for 'TIMPANI: Instrument Management Planning And Notification Infrastructure'). The logo was designed by Claire Pike. Jacob Head became Instrument Manager in February 2006. Sam Kemp has been responsible for TIMPANI since 2008.

Our Hirers

CUMS has hired instruments to over 150 different organisations. Recent hiring members have included:

Professional and Semi-Professional Groups
The Bach Choir
The Britton Sinfonia
The Cambridge Corn Exchange
The Cambridge Philharmonic
The Cambridge Sinfonietta
Local Schools and Charities
The Perse School
Hill's Road Sixth-Form College
The Purcell School
The Cambridge Salvation Army
Cambridge Youth Music
Cambridgshire Holiday Orchestra Association
Cambridge University Groups
Cambridge University Symphony Orchestra
Cambridge University Music Club and Chamber Orchestra
Fitz Swing
Cambridge University Jazz Orchestra
Cambridge College Choirs and Music Societies
Gonville and Cauis

If you have any comments, suggestions, or bug reports, please get in contact.


We'd like to express our gratitude to the Cambridge Computer Laboratory and to the SRCF for hosting.

Thanks are due to the many developers, including Richard Neill, former Instrument Manager on whose freely shared work we rely.

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TIMPANI is Free Software, and is released under the terms of the Affero GPL (similar to the GNU GPL). Please read the License and the Authors page. Then, you may download it from the project homepage or the exact code which is running on this server. Richard Neill hopes that you enjoy it, and asks that you send him any patches you write.

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