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Contact Details

The TIMPANI system is designed to be fully automatic. It should be possible to find out everything you need from this website (if there is something missing, please let us know, and we'll add it.) However, nothing is that simple and so you may need to contact one of the people below:

  • The CUMS Instrument Management Team of Phil Howie, Dave Ellis and Sam Kemp are together responsible for the hire programme and maintenance of the instruments, and should be able to assist in the event of any booking queries, missing instruments, or defects.

    If you need to get in touch please email us on  *; this delivers to the whole team and will allow your query to be resolved as quickly and accurately as possible. We are not able to deal with queries over the telephone so please do contact us in good time before your hire date to allow any issues to be dealt with.

  • The Treasurer of CUMS is Jo Whitehead. Contact the treasurer by email at  *; please remit payment as detailed on your invoice, or by post to CUMS c/o the Music Faculty, 11 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP.

  • The Custodians of the West Road Concert Hall are at the Faculty of Music in West Road. Contact the custodians to check the opening hours, but not with instrument hire queries. The Custodians are at the Music Faculty, 11 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP. (Telephone: 01223 335180).

  • Bug reports and feature requests for TIMPANI should be directed to the Instrument Management Team.

  • The CUMS committee page is here.

*  If you are not logged in, you will see a button in place of each email addresss. Please click it, and the email address will be displayed. This button helps to reduce the amount of spam we receive, because most spambots are not intelligent enough to press it. Sorry for the inconvenience - we think it is better than munging the email addresses.