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Change bookings

Add an Instrument to an Existing Booking

Simply make a new booking for the extra instruments you want to hire. Sending one cheque for several invoices is perfectly acceptable.

Extend a Booking

Again, simply make a new booking for the extra nights which for which you wish to hire the instruments. If your new booking is on consecutive nights to an old one, please use the table to work out the new total and send a cheque for that amount (for example, if you are extending a booking for two nights to three nights, you would multiply the basic charge by 1.5 to work out the total).

Remove an Instrument from a Booking or Reduce the Length of a Booking

To avoid abuse (by people making "holding" bookings for instruments when they know that they are unlikely to use), these changes can only be made by the Instrument Management Team. Please note that cancellations should be made at least 48 hours before-hand, otherwise CUMS reserves the right to charge up to 50% of the booking cost. If you are uncertain about what instruments you will need for a concert but are worried that another group will book them before you, then please contact the Instrument Management Team.

A More Complex Modification

Most modifications can broken down into combinations of the above operations. However, please feel free to ask the Instrument Management Team for help if you need it.